Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Free Landhausplatz

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Free Landhausplatz is a group and hopefully in future a community for all the people that want to keep the landhausplatz like it is right now: a place where everyone can enjoy all kinds of sparetime activities, be it skateboarding, bmx or just hanging out.

the truth is that we have a problem! it seems that young and old were happy about the reconstructed Landhausplatz and the totally different picture of the city it represents: where for years there was only an abandoned square that nobody used for anything almost all year, now there a tons of young people crowding the place everyday. skateboardes, bikers, inline skaters, kids with scooters, parcours guys - everybody gets along and is enjoying this wet dream of a concrete jungle. Even most pedestrians are totally positive about all the young people buzzing around like bees.

i was really suprised when i heard that now the politicans of innsbruck want to skatestop the spot and even forbid the people to hang out in front of the landhaus! they want the people to move to the other end of the place!!! what kind of humanitarian politicans we got in ibk, huh??? when they rebuilt the place the goal was to "revive" the place - well, it seems they were a bit too successful for their own taste. also, there were complaints from some politicans that there are black strips on some edges of the transitions. but one has to ask: what`s a nicer picture - a square crowded with young people using the architecture for amazing stunts at the price of some black edges or a dead square of concrete without any people? Or even worse, a place that is only used by drunkards and dope dealers...?

so please people out there lets stand up toghether for our rights!!! KEEP THE LANDHAUSPLATZ FREE and accessible for everyone!!

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